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VEBA Information

Here is the brochure reference VEBA information. This is for members who are retirement eligible in the next three years or less. There will be a vote in May/June time frame. [wpfd_single_file id="3161" catid ="95" name ="WSPTA VEBA Brochure"]...
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2018 WSPTA Scholarship Application

*** Update *** Recently a member asked if the WSPTA Scholarship would work for ‘Trade Schools.’ After taking a look at this, the WSPTA Executive Board decided that the WSPTA Scholarship can now be used for accredited trade schools as well as accredited colleges or universities. This applies to the current scholarship application period. Read more

Updated Members Section

As you can see, the members section has been updated. The website continues to be developed and bugs worked through. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to send an email to There are a ton of new features with the new site but the main one is that it...
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