WSP Fallen
Hanger O Connell Radulescu Saunders Frink Hawn Hansell Gain Thomas Hendrickson Modlin Noble C. Johnson Whittenberg Eichhorn Bolstad Wright Campbell Belka P. Johnson Hanlin Gulden Ludden Ray Pautzke Cossmann Tolson Thorsvig Fortin

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WSP Memorial Foundation

WSP Fallen Officers


The objectives of this Association shall be to negotiate and administer a collective bargaining agreement between it and the State of Washington, to work for the betterment of the hours, working conditions of its members, and to engage in such activities as are necessary to fulfill such purposes.

Any commissioned employee of the Washington State Patrol below the rank of RCW Lieutenant shall be entitled to active membership in this organization. This includes Troopers, Detectives, and Sergeants throughout the State of Washington.