Introduction to WSPTA Fundraising

The Washington State Patrol Troopers Association would like to thank you for your interest in our organization. Over the years, we have been able to provide support to Washington Troopers and their families, as well as assist a number of great charitable organizations throughout the state thanks to your contributions.

Our fundraising programs do not require individuals to buy any products. It is important to note, however, that those giving a donation will receive an official decal identifying them as a supporter.

BEWARE dubious "Trooper" organizations - DO NOT BE FOOLED

Our contact center employs the latest technologies, and captures all dialing and calling info as it happens. This allows us to monitor calls and audit quality, for which we have a retired WSP Trooper who goes to the center regularly. We have received many complaints over the last couple years about rude phone calls on behalf of "Trooper" organizations. Every time we conduct a records search, we find these calls are not originating from our center. Because it is effecting our reputation, we wanted to make people aware that several other organizations may be soliciting your homes and businesses for donations, claiming to represent "Washington Troopers". Do not be confused about the source of these solicitations from organizations with similar names. The WSPTA is not affiliated with the "American Association of State Troopers", "National Troopers Coalition" or any other organization claiming to represent State Troopers. Many of these calls originate from telemarketing companies in Florida, Texas, North Carolina and other locations.

Our organization, formed in 1980, represents all troopers and sergeants within the Washington State Patrol. We currently have over 1,000 members. No other group can legitimately make these claims. Some may claim to represent "Washington Members", but they are not endorsed by, or associated with, the Washington State Patrol or the WSPTA. We've never heard of many of them and no one we know in the WSP is receiving any benefit from them.

Please make sure to ask questions when these people call you so you know who you are speaking to, and to know where your donation dollars are going. More importantly, no matter if they say "Washington Troopers" or "Washington Members" or anything similar in their pitch, know that they DO NOT represent the WSPTA.

To verify the legitimacy of any solicitation you receive, for additional information, or any other matter of business, please send an email to or contact the WSPTA.

Thank you for your support!