Coalition For a Safer Washington

Our vision:
To tell the story of deputies and police officers, men and women, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and the extraordinary and routine things they do on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis. How these people improve the lives of people they come into contact with, and the importance of having someone who will step up and protect those in need. To put a face to the title, and illustrate we are human too, and just like you and me.

Our purpose:
To support your local police officer or deputy, a neighbor, a community member, your team’s coach, your child’s school resource officer, by being an advocate so they can do their jobs effectively (responding to dynamic or violent situations) and efficiently, (unfunded training mandates), so they can protect you and your family when 911 is called.

Our Mission:
To support the residents of the State of Washington by ensuring law enforcement professionals are able to safely provide the necessary services to a person who calls 911 in need of help.