Troopers Oppose I-940

If the intent of I-940 is reduce violent interactions between the public and law enforcement it’s simply not going to work for several reasons.

First, this initiative fails to provide any funding or resources to improve training. It is anticipated that these requirements will cost millions of dollars to implement.

With many law enforcement agency budgets stretched thin and understaffed, it simply unrealistic that many departments will be able to comply with this requirement.

Second, this initiative will require that police officers administer medical attention to wounded suspects prior to treating victims or before pursuing a shooter.

Third, it will eliminate the protections in state law that were established to protect law enforcement if or when officers were involved in a deadly force encounter.

Absent these safeguards for law enforcement, it is anticipated that law enforcement may hesitate when called upon to respond to dangerous and violent situations that might expose them to a “split-second” deadly force encounter for fear of political prosecution.

Law enforcement is united in its belief that I-940 is bad public policy and divides more than it unites. It has been introduced by a group of special interests reacting to their own personal grievances against law enforcement.

For these reasons, law enforcement stands in opposition to I-940. We ask you to join us and VOTE NO.

Feel free to share the attached PDF.