Your safety is our profession

Washington State Patrol sergeants and troopers patrol the interstates and state routes of Washington State to serve and contribute to your safety.

Service with humility

Sergeants and troopers patrol over 17,000 miles of Washington State highways to keep you safe and help you arrive at your destination.

Prevention of collisions

Sergeants and troopers enforce laws to prevent property damage and injuries.

Crime prevention

We always have our eyes open for those seeking to bring harm to citizens.

wspta_trans_250x187WSPTA Mission Statement

The objectives of this Association shall be to negotiate and administer a collective bargaining agreement between it and the State of Washington, to work for the betterment of the hours, working conditions of its members, and to engage in such activities as are necessary to fulfill such purposes.

Any commissioned employee of the Washington State Patrol below the rank of RCW Lieutenant shall be entitled to active membership in this organization. This includes Troopers, Detectives, and Sergeants throughout the State of Washington.

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Ultimate Sacrifice

Ultimate Sacrifice


Support the Hanger Family

On August 6, 2015, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) lost one of our own. Detective Brent L. Hanger, suffered from a medical episode while following up on a tip regarding a marijuana grow in Yakima County. Detective Hanger was hired by the WSP on July 9, 1998, and commissioned on…

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Donation Solicitation Warning

The WSPTA is currently NOT conducting residential fundraising. Any phone calls or solicitations made to your home will not be from the WSPTA and should be considered fraudulent if the callers represent themselves as representing the WSPTA. However, if you are a business and received a call from the Trooper…

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